Brite Laminator

  • Infrared ray control temprature more precise
  • Unilateral linkage.up and down easily
  • two laminating ways:auto/floot control
  • steples speed regulation with reversing funcition
  • Uncovering backing paper and finishing
  • Only need one person to operate,save cost
  • Heating to 60c to avoid buble thorough
  • High effiency and high yield of lamination,whole film of 50m don’t bevel
  • Film & paper tightnes – degree system makes the cold lamination have good tension, reduces the risk of laminating fold



Luxel T-9500 M II S is a semi automatic thermal CtP recorder that combines a unique external drum technology with high-precision optics to enable timely high-quality plate output. When you use CtP, there is no need for complex processing and intermediate steps such as outputting layout data to film or exposing plates using film, which make processing much simpler than the traditional platemaking methods of the past. Best of all, CtP output produces sharper halftone dots than traditional platemaking methods, and therefore dramatically improves printing quality.